Manikin Persalinan Elektrik | Phantom Persalinan DM-GP6642

Manikin Persalinan Elektrik Doctor Medicinae DM-GP6642 merupakan phantom yang dapat mensimulasikan proses persalinan. Bunyi detak jantung yang dapat disimulasikan antara 80-180.

Manikin Persalinan Elektrik ini dapat dapat disimulasikan meliputi persalinan melalui kepala (head birth), persalinan melalui kaki (breech delivery), persalinan dengan tali plasenta melilit di leher (cord around neck), letak plasenta yang tidak biasa (placenta previa).
  • This product is a comprehensive teaching model of maternity, can be used for prenatal examination, demonstrating the entire delivery process (including prenatal, childbirth and after delivery), as well as mother and child care.
  • Model is consisted of adult puerpera, full-term fetus, full-term newborn
  • Puerpera legs are very flexible, to meet normal delivery cut-stone body posture
  • Practice breast care
  • Leopold’s 4-step maneuver
  • Prenatal examination
    • Equipped with cervical dilation model and fetal head crowning model
    • Direction of posterior fontanel can be changed by rotating or adjusting the decline
    • Uterine texture is very close to human body, cervical opening can be identified
  • Assisted delivery operation
    • Standard full-term fetus,fontanel can be distinguished, allows to exercise ¬†fetus¬†head extraction
    • Perineal position is soft and elastic, applicable for midwifery practice
    • Fetal joints are very flexible, applicable to demonstrating various normal and abnormal fetus position
    • Practice of neonatal nursing
  • Perineum suturing exercise
    • suturing sets can be replaced
    • perineum care exercise
  • Obstetric abdominal palpation
  • Postpartum abdominal palpation
  • Midwifery practice
  • Simulation of dystocia
  • Simple CPR ( gravida and neonatus)
  • Postpartum uterine palpation training,equipped with below models:
    • uterine contraction on the first day (in good condition)
    • uterine contraction on the first day (in poor condition)
    • uterine contraction on the fifth day ( in good condition)
    • uterine contraction on the third day (in good condition)

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